• It's not only Rachel's talent and passion as a Yoga teacher that make her such a valued member of the Samara Yoga team. Her easy-going and open-book attitude have helped shape this community into the laid-back and welcoming space it is today, where students feel comfortable connecting to themselves and making connections with their peers and teachers. As a colleague and friend, I'm constantly impressed and inspired by Rachel's generous, inclusive spirit and am lucky to count her among the people in my life that make the challenge of running a business a whole lot of fun too.

    Nicoline Valkenberg, Owner of Samara Yoga

  • I’ve been taking classes from Rachel for about three years. I love the way that she integrates strength work into a creative flow! I particularly appreciate that she includes core work in most of her sequences to build a kind of strength on which other teachers’ classes only rely. Rachel is serious about helping students develop their practices, but at the same time she expresses a sense of humor that is distinctively her own and makes classes a joy! She draws on her other career as a musician in two different genres to put together playlists that are eclectic and fun and draw me into practice rather than distract me from it. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear cuts from the solo cello CD she released last year. Or you can choose not to rely on luck and go to her Monday night class and hear her play cello live in savasana! Rachel also has been a great source of advice and support to me as I’ve embarked upon a teacher training program this summer. She’s a treasure!

    Hugh Baxter

  • Incredibly talented and utterly unpretentious, Rachel is one of those innately genuine teachers whom it is hard not to be inspired by.  Far from formulaic, her challenging sequences and firm instruction train students to develop precision, poise, and control in movement while remaining accessible to earnest practitioners of all levels.  Rachel has a “you can do this” approach and brings a bit of pragmatism and humor into the toughest of classes — while certainly a place to cultivate grit, she creates space for both softness and stillness. I am exceedingly grateful for the strength she has helped me find in my practice and am truly inspired by her own.

    Erica Farrell

  • I came to Rachel’s class as a refugee from intense yoga in NYC.  I thought I knew my way around the mat, and had a head full of ideas about what I wanted and how to get it.  During my first year in Cambridge, I was a yoga vagabond (a dignified way to describe my promiscuous meanderings…) and then…BOOM.  I landed in Rachel’s class.  At first I was so enamored by her actual practice that I could barely take my eyes off her long enough to focus on my own.  That matters.  Having someone at the front of the room moving like a gorgeous gazelle inspired in me a kind of calm grace and pace that had a transformative impact on my practice.  Rachel doesn’t pontificate about your anatomy; her cues are very specific, and always given at just the right moment. I still remember a few that permanently changed some of the most basic poses. These are challenging classes, but also highly accessible.  I never see people in the room not trying—Rachel always shows the stages on the way to a full and difficult pose that might be just enough for today.  And if you stay with her you’ll get incredibly strong and long over the course of a few months. Not kidding: I grew 1/4” this year, when the charts show that I should be shrinking!  Learning that Rachel is a cellist came as no surprise to me: her sense of pacing, the fluid and creative construction of each class is like a physical symphony. Most important, however, is the intangible quality of Rachel’s spirit.  Her energy is unwaveringly kind, open, and encouraging.  If I were an agent, I’d bet a lot of money that Rachel Barringer will become known as one of the bright lights of yoga in this country.  Since I’m not an agent, I’ll just submit this testimonial and let the karmic circle do the heavy lifting.

    Rachel Bellow

  • Rachel is multi-faceted with talents ranging from music to yoga. Her evolution to becoming a top-notch instructor has been fun to watch and be part of. She has always had a strong practice, but she has worked hard to add new dimensions to her practice which has made her a better teacher than ever. And she keeps adding to her own skills which make her classes even better. She has a real talent in working with classes of people at different levels. She is able to quickly assess where students are in their practices. She then sets a flow/pose for the class as a whole while individualizing cues for students who are more and less advanced so that everyone optimizes their practice. It’s not a one-size fits all experience, but everyone comes away having been challenged. Further, she is able to extract everyone’s best effort through cajoling, direction, cues, and her watchful prompting. Her classes leave one feeling energized and renewed.

    Jack H. Langworthy

  • If you want a mellow start to your weekend, Rachel’s Saturday 8AM is not for you.; this is the double espresso wake up. You will sweat, you will get stronger, and Rachel’s humor will carry you through the hardest parts. She will break down you-have-to-be-kidding asanas into such small steps that you actually find yourself doing them! She knows her yoga and she will get you to do things you didn’t think were possible. What more could you ask for in a yoga teacher?

    Deborah Lerme-Goodman